About Koi.S.P.E

Social Cooperatives of Limited Liability (abbreviation: KoiSPE) is a structure of social cooperatives in the field of entrepreneurship actions for people with mental health problems formulated under the Greek law 2716/99 of the Ministry of Health Care.
  • They are Private Legal Entities, with limited responsibility for their members.
  • They are aiming to the socio-economic inclusion and professional integration of individuals with psychosocial problems, contributing to their rehabilitation and economic self-sufficiency.
  • They are Units of Mental Health, the growth and the monitoring of which belong to the Ministry of Health Care and are directed by the Department of Mental Health of the Ministry.
  • They have commercial status.
  • They are able to develop any economic activity (i.e. agriculture, industrial, craft-based, touristic, commercial, etc).
Please, for more information on Koi.S.P.E. visit: www.pokoispe.gr