General info

The Secretariat will operate at the 
foyer of Corfu Holiday Palace during the Conference.


All registered participants should indicate their coupons in order to participate to the coffee breaks and lunches of each day. Different colored coupons will be delivered for each day


‘A get together drink’
Wednesday 18th of September 2013
A get together drink at Café Lunatico 
(the dinner is at participants’ own cost!)    

Guided City Tour
Thursday 19th of September 2013
There will be a walking guided city tour while visiting the social enterprises of
the KoiSPE New Horizons

Theatre play
Thursday 19th of September 2013 
“ASCETIC” N. Kazantzakis at the Latin Chapel (Church of Madonna del Carmine) of the old Fortress 

Mini Tour
Friday 20th of September 2013
10:00 – 13:00 Friday morning mini tour for accompanying persons and non-conference attendees - a visit to Kerkyra city surroundings. 
Minimum number of participants (25) is required for the materialization of the tour. Rate per person 15 €.

Gala Dinner 
Friday 20th of September 2013, at the Garden of the old Palace (ART CAFÉ)
All participants are invited to the Gala Dinner
Koi.S.P.E New Horizons offers the Gala Dinner

Sea side picnic
Saturday 21st of Septembr 2013
Participants are invited to participate in a tour to Palaiokastritsa beach and have lunch by the sea. 
Your remarks and proposals are important. Please complete the enclosed Evaluation Form and return it to the Secretariat before your departure.


Certificates of Attendance can be obtained from Secretariat as from Friday, September 20th, afternoon.


... air – Corfu Airport is connected by charter flights to most European cities 
... sea – you can reach Kerkyra by boat coming from Italy, Igoumenitsa and Patra.
 from and to Italy (Bari, Brindezi, Ancona, Venice) directly or via Igoumenitsa.
From Igoumenitsa departures are from 6 am up to 10pm. Duration of trip around 1 h and half. 
... car / bus – drive up to Igoumenitsa or Patra then take the boat to Corfu. 
For better and more accurate information please do direct your travel inquiries to the conference secretariat.

Corfu (Greek: Κέρκυρα, Kérkyra), is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands, and located on the northwest coast of Greece. Enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate along with excellent beaches making it a popular destination for holidays.
Corfu has seen a colorful past where Greek, Roman, Venetian and French occupations have left their marks, including two forts. Many myths and legends feature Corfu with most known Homer‘s Odyssey. It was here, according to those that accept the identification of Scheria with Corfu, that Homer placed the penult station where a necked castaway the ingenious Odysseus arrived after days of straggle with the sea-waves.
The principal city of the island is also named Corfu. The Corfu Town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and this has helped to protect and preserve the architecture and monuments on Corfu.

Find more about the interesting past of the Phaeacians island and one of today’s most famous tourist destination in Greece :