Social Firms Europe CEFEC – is a Confederation of European Social Firms, Employment Initiatives and Social Co-operatives.
SFE CEFEC has been in existence for 27 years. Started as an informal network of pioneers in the field of work rehabilitation and employment for people with mental health problems, SFE CEFEC is now a Europe-wide organisation with representatives from more than 20 European countries, which focuses on the development of Social Firms. The members no longer represent the needs of only those with mental health problems but other types of disability and disadvantage as well. It is well acknowledged however that those with mental health problems are probably the furthest removed from the labour market for whom the Social Firm approach is particularly suited.
Social Firms are market-led businesses set up specifically to create employment for people with mental health problems and other people with disabilities and disadvantages in the labour market. They will have at least 30% of their workforce who are disabled and or disadvantaged people and will generate at least 50% of their income through sales of products or services. The full definition for Social Firms, as agreed by CEFEC members in 1996, is available on the CEFEC website