Study Visits

Walking guided city tour while visiting the Entrepreneurial activities of KoiSPE New Horizons

Is a training and vocational rehabilitation centre of people with disabilities. Operates with the support of the Association of Creative Occupation of People with Special Needs “Melissa”. 

Bakery – pastry 
The bakery workshop is situated in Corfu Town. Bagels, bread, finger food and pastries are produced there and sold in the store on a daily basis. The bakery also supplies KoiSPE’s activities, the student restaurant, the solidarity network and individual clients.

Catering service 
Catering Services are offered to private and public organizations, coffee breaks, welcome drinks, christening parties. Conferences are organized by the crew, in the place chosen by the client. Catering services supply food, meals, pastries, beverages drinks. Extra services such as decoration and music selection are available to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Café Lunatico 
Lunatico Café is situated in the center of Corfu Town. It is very popular among university students and teachers. It serves finger food, coffees and drinks. There is free wi- fi and cable TV. Music and theatrical shows are often set in the area.

Town Hall Cafe 
Town Hall Café is set inside the town hall building. Its very popular among employees but also simple citizens. It serves finger food, coffee and pastries that are produced at KoiSPE’s bakery.

Parking services
In the center of Corfu Town, behind the Psychiatric Hospital, there is a 900 square meters parking area,  that can accommodate up to 50 cars. Short and long term parking services are provided on a daily basis. The area is fenced, well- lit and fire safe.

Environmental park
KoiSPE initiated the development of an environmental park to cultivate, produce and distribute organic products. The business plan provides the cultivation of citrus trees as well as running two greenhouses. In parallel, KoiSPE is planning to develop a small laboratory standardization products (oil, kumquat, etc.). It also plan to operate a selling point in the street market in the center of Corfu Town. Finally, in collaboration with primary and secondary education will be implemented training sessions for students on issues related to the development of alternative organic crops.